The construction has been invented in a parasol looking form. Bottom part is a jardinière of larger dimensions (plastic sheet 1,5mm, insole galvanized sheet 1mm) constructed for larger vegetation planting ( 3m ) Suggested specie is Wisteria Sinensis ( in sunny positions ) and Hedera helix ( half-shadow and shadow spots ). Bottom of the jardinière is equipped with a weight in order to keep the parasol more stable. Wheels are enabling parasol’s any direction movement and after defining of its position they need to be stalled. Other parts of the construction are the pole ( black pipe 88,9 – 3“), rings ( flat metal 50×3) and diagonals (black pipe Ø 48 – 6/4“). Finishing is in white ( varies in black and red ). Additional support for the planned liana are the iron cables Ø 4mm with belts, located radial from the center pole. Span of the parasol is 3,5m. A living parasol is the unique solution for outdoor usage. It provides shade made of plants and it can be positioned on the terrace or in the garden, for public or personal use. It is highly suitable for restaurants and coffee shops because it provides shade at the exact spot by simple movement. Besides aesthetic, functional and ergonomic qualities, a living parasol has the ecological function. In big city’s densely populated tissue forming of green areas, tree formed shade and acquiring of bio-ecological effect formed by plants expanse is not possible. Precisely in those conditions, all you need to abstract is approximately 13m2 , for shade cloth under the plants, more quality air and aesthetical benefits.