Kinetically stable substance – diamond can be described as perfection, precision and simplicity. The hardest known material with high melting point, splendor and (built) add to the value and exclusivity of this precious stone. Jelena Stefanovic and Dejan Popov – LF team, inspired by strong creation symbolism diamond represents, created unique collection. Through it they wanted to celebrate nature and life, by offering this expensive item. They wanted diamonds avaleble to everyone – to a man in his everyday sourandings, random stranger, to a guest in a cafe, to an employee on the desk, in the kitchen. Taking the diamond as an inspiration for creation of everyday items, the authors offer value of diamonds to a man, plant and living space. This way everyone got the honor – all designers got the honor as warriors, plant got new living surroundings and became a part of precious stone, man got live enviriment and it emphasizes that even small living things can have great value. Diamond collection, presented by LF Studio, gave us variation of diamonds in all of its glory. Collection consists of Diamond pot 5 (large and small) and Diamond pot 4 (large and small). Products are made of sheet metal, treated with anticorrosive protection, mat and glossy finish. Collection includes stands for Diamond pot 4 and 5. Research led designers to choose sheet metal for many reasons – material resistance, strong joint connection, resistance to extreme weather conditions, ecology, final appearance, cost-effective production. As a result, Diamond collection enriches living space while having positive influence on environment. Combining collection of stand alone elements creates visual and space barriers. Different position and orientation allow for space transformations. Diamond collection is applicable in architecture, landscape architecture and design, as interior and exterior elements. Diamond collection represents unique decoration, sculpture, stand alone or as a group. Collection, put it simply, represents diamonds for everyone.